21 December 2011


Not to forget about his birthday celebration post,barely to have time to write long post nowadays,I know I am such a procrastinator.I met him when I was 18,and now we are both 23. He was born in a beautiful day,and he always being good boy to be thankful to his parents for bringing him to this challenge word.
Feeling good to be organizer for his special day,to make him happy a little,I planned a so called surprise birthday party for him. I know it doesn't worked out every time,he always knew.
Wondering if he feel touched or not,yet the best reply for me still,is a smile.
I chose a beautiful fascinating place,which is the latest addiction of youngsters nowadays,Tao Cuisine at Sunway Giza Mall.Advance booking has been made for 10 person initially but ended up with 15 person,thanks all for the support hehe..

Honestly I was totally forgot to take photos for the food served and even the environment. We were starved yet caught in a massive traffic jam while on the way to the destination.The pricing was not too bad if compared to Jogoya.Although it has not served Haagen Dazs/Baskin Robin ice cream,it yet satisfied us with good services.Ended up with the bill of RM 72 per head. We definitely had eat what we paid of as we almost had 5 big plates of all kind of salmons. 

The best shot of the day.
With a simple birthday cake deco,the birthday boy doesn't fancy on cakes.
And a big birthday cards from all of us.

Lots have happened during the moment that I did not blog.But still fresh in my mind.
May you be blessed with good health and all the best for your career work path,
Happy Birthday..

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