14 January 2012


2 more days till my class reopen,I am so excited about this because it would be my last semester of my degree,I hope..but this is not the topic that I am going to share today.I barely have the chance to update my blog,to be exact I have no enough time to do so,busying on my campaign stuffs and enjoying my semester break,But now I gonna update some post before my stats drops dramatically. How was your Christmas celebration?I went Genting with my loved ones on Boxing Day.Have a great breakfast at famousVillage Park,Damansara Uptown for their nasi lemak.

We reached destination after an hour.It was few years back since my last trip to Genting and I was so excited for the cooling environment.
After some walk, we had photos and lunch on spot.
Our first try on Vietnamese food,named Vietnam House.
All photos are taken with my baby white,aka iPhone so it will turns out blur with some pictures.

the lovely couple wearing pinky couple shirt.

family set,with 6 dishes and 1 dessert,drink are not included.
Ended up with total amount of RM200 for the meal.

the food was okay,I rate it 3/5
the dessert looks good but it was too sweet and we feel like wanna vomit after a few bite.
sorry for the waste.

Ended with a photo of me and him
with <3 and have a nice weekend!

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