23 March 2012

UTAR Challenge Fiesta

After Film Festival,there's second event in 2 more days. There are Futsal Competition,Basketball 3x3 Competition, Badminton Challenge, mini games such as PS2 and PS3 games, Food Eating Challenge, Twister Game, Balloon challenge, Guess the Marble session and etc..
Besides,there will be Milo track and 14 booth selling foods and stuffs.

Challenge yourself and join us for cash worth RM300 and lots of  prizes and hampers to be won.

Date:25th March 2012
Time: 11am-6pm
Venue: Grand Kampar Sport Complex

What's more?!
Yann is coming to perform too,isn't cool enough?

"life is full of challenges,
we should dare to confront with any challenge 
and never give up no matter what happens"
Share and Inspire team.

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