04 June 2012

Who doesn't like Mickey?

Finally a new blog post,officially away from the exam for the whole wide world exactly month ago.I shall have a proper blog post sort of like food/outings posts,so here I am.
It's JUNE already,I couldn't believe that half year of 2012 gone just like that.
How would you fill up your boring night?
I would probably said that with the internet,I will never get bored,unless facing my laptop screen for few hours will get minor dizziness.There are so much to discover in the internet,to be exact google uncle is always the best solution.
Anyway,purposely went to Mid Valley for the awesome Mickey Mouse exhibition last Thursday,and meeting up my course mate as well.The crowd was crazy,like seriously,children especially.I guess no one doesn't love mickey mouse. Forgotten to bring my camera up this trip so all photos are taken using iphone.There were about 70+ photos been taken that day but I just posted out some random mickey figure that I liked most.

The classic Mickey.

Nobody has a perfect life, everyone has their own problems,some people are just better at hiding them than others,and some people just know how to deal with it.
For those who are reading this,you're beautiful and everything gonna be okay,I promise.Till then,xoxo!

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