09 May 2009


I need money!!desperately!!

while chatting with daddy yesterday..he told me:"i tell you three anak here..I've no hecter of land like your friend's family..We are not wealthy,all I afford to give you guys is just education..Please study hard and at least get a degree.."

daddy,your daughter promised you..
I'll try my best to graduate within 3years from now..
and to Mr.B,sorry that I've rude to you..
yes you are right..I was being so naive,and foolish..
I'm sorry darling.. >.<


Anonymous said...

whose money and whose hands was that???


无言小子 said...

give me 1 piece i vr tq u...
purple 1 geh...XD

DaRk ShaDoW said...

wah!!!! so much money loooo... gv me some so that i can go holiday with my bf...hahaha...

catherine said...

search in google..
i need those money as well