08 May 2009

My Beauty Diary Mask

Hey,I'm proud to bring you Taiwan's hottest selling facial mask aka 我的美丽日记面膜
It is popular among Taiwan's babes..
Mask essence are from natural ingredients specially formulated for different uses such as Anti Aging, Anti Oxidant, Brightening, Calming, Clarifying, Cooling, Firming, Moisturising, Nourishing, Tighten Pores, Regenerating, Soothing and Oil Control
It is designed to suit difference users according to varies skin conditions. Allows women from all age range, to keep their own facial diary and see the result of a healthier glow skin every day..

For more information,kindly contact:




p/s:thanks to those who supporting me~


Zheng Yang 琤洋 said...

jie..you sell the mask ar ?

catherine said...

yes yes..
support me if u are interested~~

Zheng Yang 琤洋 said...

how much one wo ?

catherine said...

for more information..
u can click on the link tat i post^^