31 May 2009


Last day of May..as i back to Kampar,received bad news,my lovely room mate going to stop her studies due to some personal problem..I am alone once again..kinda sad when heard it..A same situation repeated again in my new semester,flashback to last year,i still remember vividly like it was just happened yesterday.When i started to study in kampar,i used to have a room mate,saw her only for few hours,not even have opportunity to chat and she moved out the next day..told by my owner that she been forced to stay here but she wanted to stay with her friend..
I admit that I'm craven person,I can't stand loneliness..San and Elissa offered me to stay in their house,but i will have transportation inconvenience to uni as we different courses now
What to do??
Is there anyone wanna be my room mate?RM195 per month..

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