01 June 2009

attended my very first tutorial class today
and I was LATE!!
no parking available in Block D,oh gosh..sorry Ms.Ilma..
She telling us that no photostatted text book allowed in her class,as I am having financial difficulties now,1 textbook cost around 60-70bucks..what to do? >.<
get to know some new friends as well,teehee~
Dap Dap~~ I HATE Wednesday too..classes from 8am to 8.30pm..shit!!


Xiaopei said...

What to do... Ms. Ilma said there will be some changes for tutorial classes and timetables... I just hope no class till night again T__T

Michelle Tan Yi Shin said...

walao.. how come your class sooo long one ?? accounting got soo many thing to study meh ?