12 June 2009

Uni lifes..

serious eyebags.. >.<

Now already come to end of week 2
lectures and tutors keep on rushing on assignments
need to have group mates and give the names to her by today
although it's just a small matter that just have to find one and end stuff but I bet no one knows we were in a real dilemma..
guess we will getting crazy on doing assignment soon,research,planning,writing,designing..OMG OMG..

back to Wednesday while having 3hours lecture for Introduction to Advertising,copied 3pages of extra notes until hand ache..
What a surprise when our class rep,Edwin told us that:"do u guys want the hard copy for the notes that we copied yesterday?"
everyone asked:"huh?!!you have it?y don't you told us earlier,so that we no need to copy mar.."
he said:"i retype in computer..and smile.."
Its a pleasure to have him as our class representative,we have notes on time,and everything that we needed..appreciate it alot.. =D

went pasar malam at night with Damien,Amanda and her friends..I would never go there again after 8pm..all my favorite food finished..and guess there will be traffic jam in Pasar Malam once again..

I want an outing badly..
movie perhaps?
Transformer Transformer


Michelle Tan Yi Shin said...

wah.. your eyes bag really very serious ler.. how many day didnt sleep already wor?

catherine said...

kinda stressful these few days..
many things happened..
sleep for few hours only..

Michelle Tan Yi Shin said...

stressful also need to sleep more ler.. later sick only you know :)

catherine said...

thx for concern..=D
i will~~