12 July 2009

Durian Oh Durian

It's durian season
and I can't wait to have it
Daddy stopped by roadside stall near Astaka to get durians..

have some mangosteen before into meal

It costs RM48 for 6..so expensive >.<
According to the PakCik,these durians from Kuala Kangsar

Mummy asked us to drink the empty shells with water that supposed to lower the heatness after eating it
younger brother hates durian,therefore left the 3 of us enjoyed the delicious durian *wink*


Zheng Yang 琤洋 said...

walao....48 for 6 ?that day my aunty bought rm18 for 4...but kecil mayung 1..haha

catherine said...

en lo..
so expensive.. >.<
but those cheap cheap 1 a,not nice pulak..

Anonymous said...

i buy more expensive..
last month my dad bought 3 for rm96
...the uncle said is XO de wor...but nice lorr...

catherine said...

by the way..
can i know who r u?