11 July 2009

It's my life

back to S'wan.. =)
i should be doing my revision by this time
mid term is just around thr corner
too bad i ended up blogging again

back to Transformer 2
I was so exited about that
it gets longer and more exicting
when came to funny part
i guess people in the whole cinema laughed
especially when Simmons is climbing up the pyramid with the Ding-Dong part
i think i laugh the loudest..>.<

can't wait for part 3
guess it will be released on 2011/2012?
Micheal Bay
u really did a great job..applause~

feeling so upset now
i wish to watch Ice Age 3
but no one willing to accompany me
they found that this movie is just for small kid
not for a big girl like me..
guess i gonna download once again..

skip it,

kinda into cupcakes currently
anyone knows where can purchase it,beside trough net?

miss cat,
study hard
don't let people look down on you..
love and peace *hand cross*

listening to
The Fray-Never say Never
in Transformer2 soundtrack


Anonymous said...

hey...u come tpg..we watch Ice Age together...hehe
i'm a so-called small girl too...
the fray album is nice...i listen them many times..b4 i knew Never say Never was in Transformers 2
thumbs up for that album of The Fray...
Green Day..21st century breakdown album also damn chun....
miss u lor..*muacksx*


catherine said...

i wish to go taiping,
but now is critical period
assignments,mid terms..
haih haih..
i miss u so much la
get to know this song when i got the transformer2 soundtrack..woohoo~