05 July 2009


People used to tell me that study will be much relaxing rather than work
but I am totally disagree with that
Another sleepless night,feel so idle once I wake up
Tons of assignment waiting for me
after finishing assignment there will be test coming up
i feel so down when i get to know my plan have ruined everything
realized that theres no need planning for all
What for?
I was under pressure for such a long time
cried at last..
don't blame me,girls will cry once having problem..right gurlz?

exam coming on next weeks
plan to go for Yoga classes to release stress,there will be once in a week..hopefully it works~~

sometimes i blog.
just to tell u that.
i need u.


St3ph3ni3 said...

Girl study smart ya
Good luck in your exam and everythings
Long time we never chat
I miss u so much

catherine said...

steph sis,
how r u going on?
miss u so much too~~

Anonymous said...

u haven't get into the real working environment yet...
therefore, u couldn't know yet...
altho u r hell the busy right now...u still can skip classes, sem breaks and stuff...
but working...who cares u have sleepless nites..u still have to wake up the next morning to go to work...holidays?...only weekends...or some only sunday...
i still think study is better than work...altho i haven't really step into that stage yet...going to...
yin, b strong...when u feel u wana cry just cry..
it's a way to burst out ur feelings...release is always better than keeping it...
not all girls cried when they have problems...it depends...haha
everyone have their own way to release their emotions...
for sure mine is not...hard to think when was the last time i cried??
make sure u feel better after that...only that matters...the 'aftermath'...haha
love u...