09 July 2009


Tuesday= hand up communicative english assignment,CE test on writing letter of complaint
Wednesday=finished and hand up my individual assignment for mass communication
Thursday=skipped class due to laziness, couldn't wake up on time,but the class cancelled..^^
done Advertising assignment until 12.00am..starving,lucikly housemate bought a burger for me,it is just so..delicious~
Friday=wake up at 8something,sleepless,going uni to pass up assignment,3pm will have lecture class,and heading back home in the evening~miss daddy,mummy,and 2 silly brothers..
too bad Jenson not coming back this week..take good care of yourself k,will be visiting you in Penang once I finished my exam..

Dear hauyee,
congrats for having convo tommorow,
sorry that I coudn't attend..
all the best for your working life..


hauyee said...

darling,thanks u very much.i very happy!

catherine said...

u're welcome..
enjoy the chocolate..=D