07 October 2009

Movie Night

We have no plan on night so we decided to watch 2 movies in GSC Gurney Plaza
We watched Tsunami in Haeundae and G-force 3D
this will be my very 1st 3D movie,kinda excited.. =P

There's a lot funny parts in the movie. Not to forgot there's also an idiot character inside made the movie more funny and interesting.

A very sorrow part which i enjoyed is when two guys was rescued by the aeroplane on sea
But due to the overload of both weight
One must sacrifice himself
Another guy is selfish, he wont jump

and the guy who sacrifice for the girl,the girl likes him too
It seems complicated and in dilemma and it makes me cry

Tsunami-got love and lost
A worth movie to watch
coz i cried.. XD



before we going for G-force
there's a 1 hour gap in between
so we went Mcd which is my favorite and girls definitely wanna shop,she don't mind having dinner or not
but ended up Jimmy had bought 2 cloths in Padini and I couldn't find any nice sandals..
It's time for another movie
I'll never forget that i did a noob thing,i dropped the movie tickets into the 3rd floor escalator
It reminds me of the scene in Final Destination 4,and it's just happened
My man was beside me that time,brother and Jimmy was behind
B seeing my tickets dropped and Jimmy saw a white thing falled into the hole
I was so scared and almost cried 
there's only 2 way now,either we cancel the movie or buy again the ticket,its 3D so it will be more expensive than the normal one..
I was like so shit when think of the incident
luckily the workers are so kind
they allowed us to entered without tickets
so lucky and unlucky am I
seriously the moral of the story:
never ever do anything in the escalator after watching horror movie..

I love it especially one of the genuine pig's mobile with Lady GaGa 's song - Just dance and the plastic ball's parking part

cute kan?
Seriously you would regret watching the 3D version. The effect cool till there's a time I almost wanted to grasp the object that I feel it's just in front of me


 Rate 9/10
super lurb the 3D effect

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★小矮女Shermaine★ said...

i oso wan go 2 c tsunami movie!!