08 October 2009

Penang Trip-Part 3 -END

My last post on Penang Trip
woke up at 10 something 
after check out head to HCC (Han Chiang College) to pick up my brother with his friend 

a 15-20 minutes drive to Farlim for favorite laksa~
sorry to those who asking me the way to go but honestly I really have no idea >.<

their cendol

Brother have 2 hours break and we spent 1 hour for lunch
so we went Perangin Mall AGAIN for the taufu-fa
O-M-G it's just so smooth..*slurp*
you guys should have a try~ [recommend] 

my taufu-fa with jelly and 白果 

B's taufu-fa with jelly and pineapple

a very short post
thanks b for the wonderful trip.. 
he scarified his working time to kl just to accompany me *hugz* 
thanks bro for bringing us nice places and foods
thanks Jimmy who not hesitate being our tour guide XD
have a nice day..  

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