01 December 2009

Sorry X More. .

love to blog about food recently
 I want to blog about Japanese Restaurant again..
It was my idea to have Japanese food
on the 26th Nov,
B invite his buddy,James and me together 
At first we planned to go the Japanese restaurant beside cc,din't realized the name..
saw no one entering the restaurant,it seems haunted 
and I don't wanna go Ten-good anymore
just wanna try up something new
ended up to Sushi Jun 
which located beside Voodoo


it's so hard to shot him as  he keep closing his face with the menu ><


The environment and menu was nice

the food sucks man,somehow costly as well
Unagi was not fresh enough,the rice seems from cheaplak brand
and the green tea,a cup with water plus some green green stuff
they both din't comment much about it,they just shook their head
Hmmm,don wanna criticized too much about it
later kena sue pulak. .

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