17 December 2009

Wedding Dinner @ HMTOWN

Went Wui Bin's sister wedding dinner last Sunday
It's my virgin to try on fully vegetarian dish
and it's alot..up to 10 dish I guess
couldn't finished it up and we left a lot >< 

simple deco..

pretty bride,she's fair and gorgeous~
Bin looks smart with the black vest with his Nike shoes =)

the couple..

poor cameraman,bad technique..blur like hell..

mama-san on stage,they were hot man..
Irene's mum and Starr's mum tag along too~

7 li xiang down to 3 li xiang
those MIA-Timothy,Irene,Benson,James
miss u guys..

accessories that I've bought from 
it costs only RM15

That's all for today

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