10 January 2010

New Year Eve-Part 2

After dinner we went Japanese Village with shuttle bus which nearby French Village
They planning to have spa but the price around 5/6++,so expensive..cancelled our plan then..

Let me introduce the gang..

From Left: Birdy,Mousy,and CatTy

The Guys

From left:The Bao,Teddy,Mr Pilot and The Bitch

After back to the hotel
7 of us slept like pig until 5pm
After dressing up,shooting like models,craping around
It's time for dinner
realized that all restaurant had closed for the new year's eve party
been forced to the Golf Club
The package Buffet for 1 person RM100 PER HEAD
I was like WTF,starving like hell..
the drivers decided to drive to somewhere in Bentong
It was our first time,so my hp's GPS is really useful =)
reached Chinese Restaurant with empty belly
ordered 7dishes and I added rice again..Chio~
cost around RM150?so cheap la...
We bought something very "special" for the birthday guy,guess what?you will never knew..*grins*

really do have fun with the gang..
everyone's holding bottle of beer,walking around like mad people..
dance madly with the people on the performance stage,Teddy solo in the middle as well,*HIGH*
singing and playing game 红豆大红豆~

As a conclusion
The place was extremely bored,but we do enjoyed ourself~
looking forward for next trip..CAMERON? =p

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