11 January 2010

New Year Resolutions

Here comes a brand new year,2010.Am now only blog about my NYR~Guess what?was my 2009 passed terribly?I dunno...its just the same to me...

Oh well,here's my Resolutions for 2010~

45kg will be my target,haa!4KG to go..

better grade for my coming semester.. 3.50 perhaps? *study hard/pray hard?*

active in the society.Keep asked by my advisor why i never joined any activities since i went university.
ok lar. Photography session then.

Spent more time with the family *YES I DID*

earn more money and savings.
support more of my beautifying products =p

always wanted to go overseas for holiday
1.Hokkaido 2.Taiwan 3.Phuket 4.Bali
should start from the back..

Levi's Skinny Jeans to be hot like her *grins*

Either get myself a New Watch or DSLR/SLR will do~

Stay Healthily

Last but not least,
loving Mr.B as i always do 
promised to be your good girl~

god bless

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