17 April 2010

すし Addiction.

Let's go for Sushi!RM2 per plate promo!and yes,Sushi King Bonanza is BACK!

you can enter with this card with maximum 5 person.

definitely gonna visit Tesco as there is the one and only Sushi King in Kampar.

Guess who are they?reveal it later.b patient :)


whoops,the ugly ones.hate my fringe,it seems like bitten by dog.

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng.
The 5 Future PR practitioners.

I'm Hercules.Muscle that built since secondary school,can't get rid of it.

specialized on bullying the tiny ones,hoho.


Hot 1,Evon-our food discoverer.

Hot 2,Jovyin-Our Big Sista.

Hot 3,Miss Stephanie Ee-the photographer of the day.
visit her blog :)

Hot 4,CM-the cute one
drop by her blog as well :)

last but not least

Hot 5,Cat
[NA as well,LOL]

#3-Still waiting.wtf.

the most silly stuff I did 
flunk 2 1/2 hours of the time queuing for it.
but it's worth.We did have fun-cam whoring, bullshitting, Bali-ing, even took armpit as a topic,hohoho.



our group photo to end this post.



Jiashinlee said...

thanks for dropping by :) btw how do you get that sushi card? i've seen lots of it around lately like rm1 / rm2 sushi @ sushi king

catherine said...

if not mistaken,u can apply it around RM10/RM20 per card :)

Hilda Milda said...

nice photos c:

kumfye said...

u all queue for how long??? zzz...i was at sushi king also near KL...for two days i having sushi for meals...anyway isn't it worth eating??haha


catherine said...

thanks :)

catherine said...

kumfye: 2 1/2 hours hours wtf,but it worth actually XD