19 April 2010

Rise and Shine

Boy friend, the one that admitted into your heart,what you delivered to him is your heart.
Boy friend is not brought to show off,because you are talking about heart, even though you speak alien language, he’s able to understand what you are trying to say.

Not used to quarrel with the boyfriend, because the quarrel will make her heartache, not only that, she never wins in the quarrel, because her immature thoughts did not bring her far. She did learn a lot in this relationship, and she learn to be independent.

Loves,She never advocate 24 hours to be together.perhaps 20 hours will do >.<
In fact, couples,are two different and independent entities.
The idea should be consistent with recognized with each other. However, their circle of life must be preserved.

She was afraid to lose,no matter in family,love ones, friends,or the age.
She knows that nothing last forever,

therefore boyfriend are meant to be treasured, not only fate can be together, it's the people together for a lifetime in the future.


kenwooi said...

nicely written.. we must treasure the people around us =)

Victor Tan said...

Commitment is important in a r/ship. Even if u have a good dating r/ship, things will be different after marriage. So, it really takes good commitment and communication in order to form a good relationship.

catherine said...

kenwooi: yeah and thanks for your comment :)

Victor: you are definitely right :)