24 April 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love.

It's been 2 months since I stepped into cinema for movies.
Invited by Mr.Teddy to watch IKPL yesterday 
and thus,this would be my 4th/5th time went into Big Cinema,Sitiawan.

Who would had thought that Malaysian famous pop singer-Ah Niu initial dream was to direct movies?

It's a heart warming film that touched our heart. 
The old authentic coffee shops, bus station,all took place in my boyfriend's hometown-Ipoh.
Even the favorite childhood game-Guli and fish fighting that I used to play with my siblings, appeared in the scene.

 this is one of the scene that made me LOL.
"oh shit!"

One more thing,
 I was so surprised that the movie wasn't censored as there was repetition of kissing, drinking and some suggestive scenes.
Malaysia getting more open now?

well,I'm really impressed with Ah Niu's movie, there's never a dull scene in this one and laughter will find itself around every corner. 

and it makes me wanna have this now too.
tempting ICE KACANG~

here goes the trailer of the movie:

with the soundtrack

p/s:going to watch this movie again tonight with family and the B :)


Hilda Milda said...

I also want to watch this but haven't have to chance to watch hehe :D

catherine said...

go go go!hehe.

Dewi Batrishya said...

Interesting story!'
But your pic of ice cream made me drool.. haha