22 April 2010

Love need persist.

Love could be a war. A face from the war. A person's might think love is helpless and vulnerable. Therefore, this war, need two strong people support and partnership. How to stick to the hard-won city, two people need each other 's understanding and trust. People always mutual, one of suspicion and do not believe any, will therefore lead to the other with suspicion and distrust. In fact, before the love of a man, most need to do is now to doubt the word removed from the dictionary. 

When the two fought side by side will have no contradiction, no trace of doubt, no hesitation wire it? If I said no, that's totally wrong, but it also shows the both sides do not really care about each other. Please remember that, originally, doubt, hesitation and contradictions arising because of too much care. Too care about, so unintentionally hurt. 

But because you hesitate, doubt, hurt you ...do you give up? So please do not say how much you love him / her... 

Chosen alongside, with mutual understanding and tolerance, let each other have a firm hug,and then with facing of all the problems and difficulties, even if there is then more problems, more difficulties, but also each other's support and understanding. 

Do you agree?

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have a nice day people :)


kenwooi said...

oh i see me =P

catherine said...

haha,thanks for dropping by.
appreciate :)

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

behind every great man is a great woman supporting him.

i believe there is a reason for this statement. :D


Glo-w~* said...

Trust is very important. Easily lost, nearly impossible to regain.