13 May 2010

Fourth Anniversary.

Times flies,real fast than I've expected,it has been four years we been together!I repeat! four years!Everything seems to be longer than ever, no doubt there will be a challenges for us again soon,but i really hope that we could walk through together just like how we used to be.

Love is extraordinary, we had to admit that.It can be blowing mind,and yet it's hurt. After all,people are still tend to take the risk to fall in love,because we do believe that ones can find their love journey and its all worth. 

For the past 4 years,we had mixture of laughter,tears,arguments,loves texts,bumming around,etc. Things changed for nowadays, I hate myself being such a bitch because I care. You used to discuss everything with me before you make a decision,but now I feel like myself is just an outsider.No! not even an outsider,yet like a stranger. Normal friends of yours know more about yours than me. And I am always the last to know. I hate being such a person.

I used to be a perfectionist in relationship,I planned everything but you always ruined it. And then I will start emo again until you pampered me.But now, I did loosen up, all those thing are no longer important to me, I'm happy when we get along together. We enjoy staying at home, watching DVD, and chat. I realized that with this I'm much more happier than before.

I know i'm not a good girlfriend but I always trying hard to be.Sometimes I wanted to tell you, silence doesn't mean I don't know anything,just because I don't want u in dilemma. Thanks for being so tolerating,I learned a lesson and it will be remembered forever.

I will not say I love you forever because nothing last forever.But till now,yes i do. By the way,good luck for your further new job.



kenwooi said...

sweet.. all the best =)

SonnyKazu said...

nice! Good luck ya! :D

nebular said...

Good luck....... cheers up n StayTune

Glo-w~* said...

many more to come ^^

ohmywtf said...

awww....im sure he knows how to appreciate u :-)