12 May 2010

I Serve Nuffnang!

What is Nuffnang?
Nuffnang is a pay per impression blog advertising company which means the blogger gets paid from each and every unique visitor that visits your blog daily. 

Nuffnang also offers an exclusive membership program called Glitterati and Innit, and their very own content aggregator to drive traffic among community members.

I'm not that famous though I'm happy that my post in most popular chart 

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p/s:Kindly visit my blog as often as you could. Millions of thanks..


fiona06 said...

I love nuffnang too :D

fiona06 said...

I love nuffnang too :D

kenwooi said...

cool.. my posts rarely get top 10.. i jealous =P

uptownboy said...

i still new to nuffnang :-D

lette's haven said...

hi catty... i'm a freshmen in this blogging world. how does nuffnang works, can u give me tips about it? by the way your blog design is wonderful!

u can check my blog http://letteshaven.blogspot.com/