13 June 2010

Fall For You-Part 1

A long update with pictures of a weekend movie date with my love.
It's been almost 3 weeks since we met,urghhh damn I missed him badly,therefore he came pick me up from Kampar to Ipoh after I finished class :)
We had some minor arguments last few weeks,although arguments is a very common thing for couple but we still stands strong here.
haha,I love the comfort,the warmth of him,there a real happiness when being held by the one I love.ermmmmm :p
oops,stop craping here,back to the topic..

Well,we bought tickets for The Karate Kid on Saturday 10am, it was the madness stuffs I did with him throughout these years.He could barely waking up in such a time but he did managed to wake up-at 7am! totally speechless on that..

Although the movie is isn't much violent,but I do love the action,humorous of the actors is and it shows how beautiful China is..I'm so proud to be Chinese..
I am not fans of Jackie Chan but I do love Will Smith,I was like omfg is it true when got to know that Jaden is his son?He's definitely talented as his father..
before I forgotten,I love the quote when they said something like:" Life can knock you down but you can choose to get back up!

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overall rating:3.5/5

Movie ends around 1pm and it was so damn crowded in Jusco, requested for another movie and The A-TEAM at 4pm,we are not mad =X
Nick and his brother tag along,they went for gaming before movie starts,my baby has always being a sunny boy as he always got parking lot easily..

The A Team was a drama adapted from a series of 500 episodes during 1983-1986,and it made up a movie in 2010. 
At first I thought this movie will just normal but..two words-Fucking Awesome!
We just can't stop laughing.There was no boring scene, cool actors, nice effects and crazy humor. Definitely worth watching!

overall rating:4.5/5


FiSh said...

omg i love karate kid alot and not so to A team. just vice versa from urs =p

Voon said...

eiiiii! i so wanna watch d karate kid!

Lukey Cher Hong said...

jackie chan is my hero!!!

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

kenwooi said...

havent watched this 2 movies yet!

王周宏儒 said...


catherine said...

Fish:lolz,it's okay :p
Voon,Lukey,Ken:go watched it now,luckily we bought ticket earlier,coz it full after few minutes =.='
谢谢王 :)

Jaerragus said...

Ought to check it out....

Yin Mun~Moon said...

I also want to watch :-)

Hackers said...

awesome movie for this moment....the action performed more like real than the other...5 star for karatekid.