14 June 2010

Fall For You-Part 2

Browsing through photos that I've taken with my baby boy within these years, realized that it has been so long since we taking photos together,I mean,few months perhaps?I have no idea why he doesn't really like to face the camera,maybe because of his low self-esteem,thinking that he's not good looking enough or don't know how to smile nicely?Oh my baby boy,trust me that you are doing perfectly fine,as always *finger crossed* Photo Memories are meant to be kept,that's one of the reason I love shooting so much.

After movie and did some shopping,we went Wooley for dinner.

#1-blur me.

#2-Nick on phone call.

#3-how pretty the sky is.

#4-playing with his Iphone.

#5-cam whore in traffic light.

#6-reached destination

#7-Nick's Bento-RM8.90

#8-my chicken spaghetti-RM6.50

#9-baby's chicken chop rice-RM4.50


sum up less than RM50 for 3person.
tempting isn't?


Hilda Milda said...


Glo-w~* said...

NICE FOOD! but try using macro mode when taking close ups^^ sharper and more delicious image^^

John said...

wow. i like the crab.

FiSh said...

ahh i got crazy when i saw crabs! hehes

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

nice outing there! =) ENJOY!