18 June 2010

Fall For You-Part 3

Arrrr,ya ya ya..

I know mostly my blog posts is about food..
who doesn't need food?
was so excited as baby bringing me for Japanese Food,it was the happiest moment for us as I'm food addict.
thankiu baby,appreciate so much.
pictures times

#1-so into Chad Stone sandals recently.

#2-Ten Good!located in Greentown,Ipoh.

#3-let me introduce,Mr.Wayne (he's still SnA,anyone?)

#4-retarded face.

#5-love behind.

#6-I love this picha.

#7-while waiting for the food.

and yes
the food has arrived

#8-Shiro Maguro Sashimi(7pcs)-RM28.00

#9-Chicken Teriyaki Set-RM15.80

#10-Omrice Set-RM18.80

they all got their meal but not mine
cam whore noh!

and finally,
my food arrived.

#11 Unagi Set-RM25.80

with 10% tax,total around RM110 :)

wanna know where?

Ten-Good Japanese Restaurant
6, Persiaran GreenTown 6, GreenTown Business Centre,
Ipoh 30450
Tel:605-242 8332


v!vi@n said...

wow, nice food o....and so sweet with your bf...hehehehe

jfook said...

Wow, the food looks good..

Yan said...

hahha... i look at the 天狗 this name is funny..
nice food too!

TOLANIC said...

So many foods! I don't think i can finished them all!

Tekkaus said...

Everything looks so nice. :D Suddenly I have this urge to makan Japanese food.

Hilda Milda said...

Japanese food is a must *drool*