20 June 2010

Football Fever!

Obviously I'm fans of Brazil.
Went mamak with friends this few days in a row just to watch matches,
I love the crowd,noisiness and people shouting and boo-ing together for the player.
The best match I watched was Germany vs Australia so far,
4-0 lolz.
England and Spain no hope already.
As I always said: the ball is round!few of my friend lost bet on the Brazil match.
by the way,the Brazilians please do your best and grab the world cup once again! 
You can stay update with me for the scoring either from my facebook or twitter
have a nice day people :)

next on:daddy's day!


kenwooi said...

this year so unpredictable la.. underdogs are winning too =P

v!vi@n said...

geeee...me too me too...brazil go go go!!!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Yes! I'm a Brazilian fan too!!! With its latest form, Brazil is more than definite to win the cup =)

KwOnG FeI said...

can design one T-shirt for me..
i want Malaysia..
oops out of the topic..

chenlin said...

Many team gone wrong tis world cup. Even high expection country like france n spain lose..sigh

Zenghoong said...