01 June 2010

Part II.

If you guys followed my blog,
you will know that I had a blog post about free trial FreshLook Illuminate contact lenses 

link for the previous post :)

and now,
it's time to try on

this is the first time wearing black lenses as I always wearing colour lenses.
how is it?
does my iris looks darker and bigger?

and I like it,thanks Ciba Vision :)


redriben said...

wah.. got free meh?? im also waiting for the free one.. dunno if i can get it or not..

Bruce828 said...

I also request for one.....dunno when reach my house :D

ohmywtf said...

lol...are ur eyes already big or the CL really work?? :-P

FiSh said...

sigh. i get wrong power for this lens ); blame cibavision for this LOL.

catherine said...

omw: i also dunno,haha.