30 August 2010

Living it Up.

Rise and Shine,waking up early in the morning,
definitely is for dim sum session.
but not Foh San this time,
Yoke Fook Moon is our preference.

Overall,it's standard price,variety of dim sums and good services attracts me more as compared to dining in Foh San. :)

As I bought ticket for 3 something,wanna have something cool therefore we went an newly opened ice house named Snow Fusion.

normal laminated menu but tempting snow ice.

the decoration of the shop,I feel like I am an Eskimo :p

food ordering is their job,huhu,don't kill me!

where areas self shotting is my job.


Kiwi with red beans.

honey dew.

with extremely soft Snow Ice, go have a try :)

No 9,Jalan Chung On Siew,
30250 Ipoh,

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Hilda Milda™ said...

coincidentally we blog abt the same thing, snow ice! :p but mine are from 100 yen teehee