30 August 2010

ALL YOU CAN EAT& The Expendables.

This would be my first trip to KL for my baby boy as we didn't get to meet for almost a month.
and I miss him so much. =X
after picked me up from Bukit Jalil bus station,his sis recommend us to I Love You Shabu Shabu for dinner at Puchong.
It located just next to IOI mall, and it was crowded,as usual.

There are hundreds of plates and bows with noodles,eggs, fish balls,vegetables,
meatballs,scallops and etc..

raw food on the belt,you can choose whatever you want.

There are few types soup broth and I choose herbal.
same goes to baby and Emy sis.

fresh chicken meat.

RM86+ for 3 person if not mistaken.
but it's worthy enough.

What to do after dinner?
yay!Movie Time.
The Expendables.
so much laughter,cool scenes with thousand of gun shots in the movie.
Bruce Willis is my favorite actor since small,but he only appeared for like 3 minutes?
too bad..The director should change character.

but it's a must watch movie friend.


p/s:my first movie with couple seat,
I am extremely excited! 

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