31 August 2010

Me Love Malaysia!

In the spirit of Merdeka

So today is Malaysia 53th Birthday,and I am just back from yam cha session.
I have been living in this place for more than 22 years,a great journey so far,I wonder how far could I been here.I know it feels incredibly weird to have this post,but I just wanna blog it out.
We should love our country more,even though there are so much of unsatisfactorily about the government.
But we should appreciate that until now, there is no war as compared to other countries,we live in a harmonies and unity country.
Due to the racism problem that happened recently,did it helps?
According to the news,a headmistress insulted students that "Chinese back to China" and "Indians strained to dogs leashes"It's to totally unbelievable that the words are from an educator's mouth.
What actions that government taken?
ONE MALAYSIA!does it works?

In August 2010,
Everything seems come to silence all of sudden,
people comes and goes.
it's real suffocating.
deepest condolences to my teacher's family,my family,and friends's for the lost.
may them rest in peace.

Friends are leaving Malaysia real soon,
missing those time especially during national parade,our band were invited for the national parade,
hanging out with a large groups of friends is definitely the main excitement even though exam mode is on.
But now,
I shall feel grateful because I am still here,yam cha-ing with friends.
I miss those time,badly.

And and,
baby is having a new job this month as well,
a new working environment,with heavy traffic,high expenses area.
I know he is capable to get through everything,I am pleased.
and for last,
with lots of love,
ending this post with the need of blessing for my coming final.

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