08 September 2010


A Buffered Earning (Cost per Impression) means that the advertisers bought some space in your blog for their ads or product campaigns and their paying you based on unique impression eg.visitors that come to your blog, eventhough they did not click your ads.Therefore, when you get Buffered Earning, you’re getting paid by how many visitors/readers that come to your blog :)
So,it is all about traffic,you need to blog regularly to increase your traffic,or u can increase your traffic here,INNIT!

Surprisingly,I received 2 buffered earning in a few days :)
4 was my record.it wasn't much,but I am pretty satisfied.

Stay with Nuffnang,I'm sure you will get something cool,cheers!

what a graph.haha!


sabree hussin said...

That is very nice, keep posting :-)

acura said...

Congrats catherine, I wish someone would buy some space in my blog too. I look so empty atm lol

ken said...

i want also =)

John said...

lol. almost same with my graph. 0 0 0 0 0 and still 0. lol.

Jan said...

Lol. Ever tried SEO? Search Engine Optimization? Increases traffic like crazy :D I average 300 a week. :P
To earn more, get to know NN staff. You get invited to events. SHH!

4 ™ said...

but u still din explain how to get it.. T.T if i got buffered earning i'm sure i make good money. look at my traffic. not high but definitely better than many who got buffered earning. T.T

Anonymous said...

woahh cool :)