02 November 2010


Tired of having the same type of meal over the week?
or looking forward to have something new in Kampar?
We couldn't really find Italian restaurants that easy like say in Ipoh but now,If you wander to have Italian fast snacks,try Balls and All!
It's an newly opened place that offers well traditioned Italian food!Excited enough as we don't really need to go Pizza Hut over and over again and FYI,the Italian Cuisine is noted to be one of the most popular food in the world.

I wanna thanks the owner,Mr.Aven for giving me this opportunity to try on their food and become one of the ambassador.It was a great experience and I was impressed with the services and overall dining.
* thumbs up*

with his partner Kent :)

Their concept is to have meats production to deliver their food quickly.FYI,overall designs and foods are done by both of them
Therefore,here it is..

Black Pepper Garlic Rice with Tomato Sauce.

There are also four types of meats that available which are Chicken,Vege,Beef and Lamb.
Tempting enough :)

Arancini Risotto (Vege Balls)
Oven baked Italian whole grain rice ball wrapped around assorted vegetables,portobello mushroom and mozzarella cheese.
love this so much.
Girls,it's your moment!

Parma Pollo Palle(Parma Chicken Balls)
Minced chicken stuffed with 4 different cheeses,dusted in parmesan breading and fried,then baked to golden brown.

Polpette di carne di manzo (beef Meatballs)
Mildly seasoned ground beef stuffed with a selection of italian herbs and baked to perfection.

Agnello Palle(Lamb Balls)
Mince lamb stuffed wtih feta cheese,marinated in herbs and our special blend of seasoning.

 Garlic Mash Potato.
Another favorite!

Italian Vegetable Soup
My favorite!
You just need to pay an extra RM3.90 to get it.

The Combo Set.

And you will get stamps each time you visit the shop.
Claim a free tote bag upon completion of the stamps.
can I have it too?

the 3 of them :D

You can get the discount voucher from me through
leave message in my facebook account

join this page too.

the location map.

Bring along your love ones to enjoy the taste of Italy!


melmonica said...

Price wise, is it exxy? Really wana try the risotto and those balls *yums!

Albert said...

Wow seems very nice, but I noticed something, that shop is using completely polystyrene?

That doesn't bode well to environmental-minded people like me... haha anyway good food :) how about the price?

Hilda Milda™ said...

The stamps are so cute (:

catherine said...

melmonica:nope,the price range from RM3.90 to RM7.90,tempting right?

Albert:this is because the shop is new and the space is limited as there is no place for them to wash all those dishes.I am sure that they will improve once the business in going on :)

Hilda:yes yes,all design by the owner :D

Kian Fai said...

lol good post again I feel so hungry =P especially the Beef Meatballs! AWWW!!