01 November 2010

Extreme Cheesy!

Me:I have a sudden crave of cheese!
She:OH,me too!Let's go Pizza Hut then.

There are 6 kind of cheese,Cheeddar,Mozzarella,Pearmesan,Provolone,Monterey Jack and Romano.Can't wait for it!It's really tempting enough.

Extreme Cheesy Set 1 as there's only 2 of us!
the famous garlic bread,need no recommend.
There are also 3 types of different toppings which are Cheesy Pepperoni,Cheesy Hawaian and Cheesy Chicken and we chose cheesy chicken,not bad though :)

 She loves cheese!

and I love cheese too!

I was totally stuffed.

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sherry said...

im gonna try it on wed !!!