12 December 2010


Okay,I must blog in this special day.
A day which I like the most.U know,ehem.
Honestly,I don't think that I having any mood now
In fact,I smile lesser than how I smile usually.
Wasn't the real me anymore.
I am confused.
I just dunno what to do.
This semester is like honeymoon to me,3 days classes,back hostel,sleep,eat and movies.
But yet still feel stressful as previous semester,I can't think the way to relax my mind,my daily routine is way too bored.
Desperately to have escapade but needs money aiks.
Well,stop grumbling.
Christmas is just around the corner,my favorite season after all.
I love Christmas tress,aww I love Santa,I love Christmas Songs,all of it..
But,All I want for Christmas is You!..Cheerios. 

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