11 December 2010


Dear Diary,
I couldn't fall asleep again,pressing F5 button infinitely stalking people's facebook and twitter,it was great enjoy indeed.
I have so much to tell but I dunno where to start with.Regarding to the hot news that happened last few days,a guy committed suicide because of relationship problem.I was really shocked when saw a lot of friends posted his news as I was gonna doing revision for moral exam the next day at my friend's house.Ended up open more than 10 tabs once and expressing our thoughts arousingly.
You are given a life,you are given a chance to live,why would u dare to waste your life just like that.You chose to.Guess that you been hurt seriously, completely heart broken and shattered.It very saddening to know about it.
I just wanna said that remember that we are one in the million to the family,never give up on life.rest in peace.


Hilda Milda™ said...

I truly agree. We should appreciate life given by God, we only get to live once so we must live life to fullest! :D

ed.inc said...

bored is really killing de.
erm.. can find me at fb, maybe we can chat?
tml still will shine, everythg just gonna be fine de.

like hilda said:we shd appreciate life given by GOD. hehehehee....

be tough.^^