03 December 2010

New Dessie from Balls and All!

Been told by Jovyin that her sister is paying a visit to Kampar.
And therefore,we went Balls and All for dinner again.
There goes the new ball :)

Dessie is made of a type of pumpkin with studded carrot bits. It contains lots of Vitamin A and girls will definitely crazy about it.So do I. 
It is not only yummy,it also loaded with Vitamin A,antioxidant,carotenoids.Perfecto for dietary supplements.
Dessie is sweet yet savory.Aven told us that it will be perfect to dust it with icing sugar.
perfect combination though.
Have a try at Balls and All =)


Celeste said...

not much of a pumpkin fan :S but picha looks nice :)

amerulazry said...

like no other foods,is it good for me to eat that food??