05 December 2010

It's Always Been You.

A blog wasn't really about reporting on what'd you did but taking notes to the tiny things in life.So now,I didn't expect myself gonna spend my time for revision in these few days,though I am gonna face those bloody exams in less than a week.

In 20 days, it'll be Christmas.
In 26 days, there goes 2010. 
very fast!

I am still young.But in my short period of life I've seen a lot. Especially love,love lost and found,true and shallow. I need no a fairytale prince who lifts me up on his white horse and saves me.I just want someone to hold me,and I found him,after 4 years and I am still in the heaven now.Do I remember how it works?We stayed up all night and talk about us and we enjoyed that.He is the last person I think about when I go to bed and the first thing I think about when I am awake in the morning.I hope one day,despite of all that we have been through,that we could become much stronger..Cheers!

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