28 February 2011

don't let me go..

Dear Diary,

This is karma,I rarely think about the consequences and like to do with what I feel at the first time,I never looking for for trouble,but this time,I did.. trouble comes.

I am scared that I will never truly be loved anymore. I am wrong,I did something that never been forget.Perhaps this is a retribution for me.I regret,terribly.I imagine someday you could never say I am sorry,or I love you anymore.t feels like a gaping hole in my chest. Please don't get off the bus,both of us get through a lot,yet we did changed each other,I'll moved on.In fact, I will gonna do anything to put a smile in your face again.

I need strength.


Më| §zë said...

i love 'don't cry'... it's so sweet, yet so sad...
take care k..?

Anonymous said...

Catty, if it is not meant to be then just let it go. It is the only thing you can and should do. Dont worry about tears, you have us to wipe them off your cheeks. :)