22 May 2011

STABILO swing cool 4-Hour Movie Challenge

Won free tickets as the first 500 to register during the event held last week.
It's impromptu as I thought the tickets will be wasted at first,thanks b.
We rushed up to TGV at KLCC for the collection hoping to catch on time as we running late due to heavy rain. 
pirates redemption center.Spot Captain Jack Sparrow?They had best costume contest too.

During the exclusive premiere,we were asked to hand up those electronic devices to the counter,even had metal detector checking session,chun weih.
after 15 minutes break after Pirates 3,Pirates 4 premier finally.
Maybe I was too tired for 2 movies in a row,I fall asleep in the cinema.
honestly I don't think Pirates 4 is interesting as compared to the previous =X
rated 3/5.

Anyway,thanks for the goodies bag with Stabilo's product.


Hilda Milda™ said...

Yeah. Pirates 4 was a bit too whiny, talked a little too much, less action but it was still good, no doubt (:

ck said...

Nice, got free movie :)

catherine said...

next time "yik" you ya,because I can't believe it was so easy to win the challenge :p

Sydney said...

omg youre so super lucky! the event sounds awesome i wish i were there!!

why did you all get to watch potc 3 as well?? :O

im so sad to hear so many ppl saying potc4 wasnt what they expected :(( but its still amazing right?? because we have johnny depp!! hahaha :DD xx