14 July 2011

it wont fade

It's my second month in Kuala Lumpur.
Now I realized time passed rapidly when you're working.
I am so busy until barely have a chance to update my blog.
There goes,
A random day out with my lovely cousin sister,we having the same day off coincidentally.
She came purposely from Subang to Bukit Bintang for me.
headed to Pavilion for our brunch
ordered 炖汤set,nice one with affordable price,RM16 if not mistaken. 

pretty sis,nice smile as always.

next destination would be Fahrenheit 88
visited Uniqlo for sure.
time for dessert session after scorching heat Tada!
guess you guys familiar with this =)

yeah,Snowflake at Sungai Wang Plaza.
I love the taro balls with yam.
it's cool and refreshing.

greeting with my swollen eyes.

till then xoxo~!

question popping out in my mind:
we were still close even though have not meet for months.
why there is people whom we meet every day but still seem strangers?

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