15 July 2011


It's been a week from 709,guess every Saturday will be yellow day from now.We had studied Sejarah for more than 5 years,but what does Democracy actually mean?Just one week before the Bersih 2.0 rally,I saw a lot of posts in facebook,especially profile picture with yellow logo.

I knew that it will be another history for our country.On 709, I don't understand why there's thousand of blocking roads in KL, we just wanna voice out our dissatisfaction,why the police used tear gas and chemical laced water against Malaysia citizens?In fact they are not terrorist.

Honestly,I salute those who joined the rally especially friends of mine whom shared their experiences with me and boy friend during yam cha session.I wish I was there but was in office that period.
Unity in Spirit,Strength in numbers!I would say.
Kinda touched when seeing Malaysian unite for Bersih but not 1 Malaysia. Our PM or government should seriously examine yourself.

Besides,it's ridiculous our local newspapers declared that only 5000-6000 people attended the rally and alleged that the police were forced to use tear gas and chemical laced water to disperse them.Both wasn't true whereby there's approximately 10,000 people attended. Hey,we are not blind okay?

I knew the yellow wave was irreversible,but I think we should buy more yellow cloths and wear it everyday instead of every Saturday.

even the Queen support Bersih,what are you waiting for?

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