23 July 2012

Monday Blue!

For those who following my Instagram/Twitter,you guys must be wondering why did I spent most of the time at Starbucks these days, due to internet connection down but I am glad to receive news that we are going to apply Unifi soon!
There's a question that suddenly came acrossed my mind,have you ever looking at a word for so long,then you starts to feel like it's look spelled wrong?I always did,supposed that I always make grammatical mistakes.I went to university when I am 20,pretty late as I took form six biological class which is one of the worst decision I've made.Spending most of my time dating with Google for information,journals/articles and thesis,suddenly miss that moment ><
I think I shall do some reading starts from now.
"Change is not pleasant,But change is constant. Only when we change and grow,we'll see a world we never know",agree?
dress from Kitschen with 50% off,grins :D

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