20 July 2012

Lazy but Productive one's

lazy week,for a lazy person like me,still the same word,lazy.But it's time for me to have some updates for my blog to prevent readers stats dropping again.
It rained almost every day for the whole week,massive jam every where,even though we are 2 hours earlier but baby late for work,still..I hate KL's traffic seriously.Wondering if there's someone who could invent a flying car in the future.
Mcd and movies in cinema had turning a routine for us lately.Six coca cola cups to be collect,four more to go!
I know I am kinda outdated but just try out the new chicken foldover.Grilled chicken with vegetables are simply match to me, slightly healthier it seems.

Besides,we just get to watch the two best blockbuster movies The Amazing Spiderman and my favorite Warner Bros character batman-The Dark Knight Rises with the love yesterday, awesome production from Nolan,a big big credit for you.

What's next?I think it would probably be Step Up 4,looking forward for the awesome 3D effects!till then,ciao..

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