04 November 2012

Been Through Another Chapter of My so called L.I.F.E

It's has been a month time since my last written here, I should give it a post again.
It was my big day! filled with sunny day on 21 October. The bf drove me all the way from Ipoh at 6.30am to the new hall in Kampar, aka Dewan Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik.

Four years of studies is neither a short or a long one, but it has been teaches me to bear all the obstacles that are compulsory path in our life. Also, a day whereby I could meet my ever since forever course mates. All photos can be viewed in my facebook page.
i was pretty nervous to receive the one particular document that showed I had successfully completed all the subjects.

Dad was extremely happy that day,bringing his gadget along (thenewipad) shooting here and there like a professional photographer. I feel like crying seeing him acting cute. I know, it was long awaited moment, and I did it, for him.

Words just couldn't express how much I love you all,thank you family.

And I wanna thank him as well. A person who being with me all these years, with the lovely bouquet of flower. Appreciated much.

Grandma was here too. Aiya I was too happy la that day!

Well, it's official.

Happy Graduation Everyone. xoxo

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