08 December 2010

UTAR Flea Market

It was first organized by UTAR on 1st December 2010
The UTAR Flea Market is where you can trade many goods and items at reasonable prices.
There are many others stores that sell new or used items such as books,computers and accessories,players,phone,cloths and etc.
And therefore,
I had a booth that sells beauty masks and cloths that day,
Special thanks to Pais and Jesse for accompanion,appreciate!

while preparing.

my customers :)
Amazed by the crowd and It was kinda successful as many people supporting us. 
Hoping for more next year.

more photos on my facebook :)


alvinontherocks said...

Definitely a lot of people there. Congrats and let's hope for a bigger crowd next year :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

WOW Sure untung a lot that day huh? (;

jfook said...

Wow congrats to your success!

John said...

i like utar

k~^|n said...

which campus?? Kampar?? Sg Long?? KL??

xing said...

wow! wish they have this kinda event at setapak campus! haiz..